New cosmetics&mini reviews

Hey there, this a random post, that to be honest probably does not benefit you in any way but anyway, enjoy! These are a few things I’ve bought recently that I thought I might share!:


COLLECTION 2000-CREAM PUFF FOR LIPS in Angel Delight 4 and Fairy Cake 3. These are one of the nicest lip products I’ve tried for a while. They are so nice! I chose a very nude colour and a quite bright coraly-pink colour that both can be worn at any occasion! They feel divine on your lips, they are so moisturising and completely non-sticky, they are also so light on your and it doesn’t feel like your wearing anything.



SEVENTEEN SUPREME SHINE in Wave. This colour is absolutely lush! It’s perfect for summer, but really, I think you could wear it all year round. In real life it’s a lot lighter then in the photo and looks so much better!
p.s sorry for the poor painting, I was having to take it off for school anyway (darn it teachers).


H&M NUDES EYESHADOW PALETTE- I really wanted to have a nice, simple eyeshadow palette without having to pay much for it, I believe this was £3 something but I can’t remember exactly. However, you can’t expect the best quality for that price and this product is great for the cost but the pigmentation really isn’t great to be honest so it depends on what your standards are!


BODY SHOP DELIPSCIOUS- in number 8. I recently went to an outlet Body Shop in Wales when I visited my friend there. I picked up this lipstick for only £3, which I think is a bargain compared to the normal prices of their products! The colour is not one I would usually buy but it looks nice on the lips however I find the smell a bit strange?


COLLECTION KILLER CURVES MASCARA- This is one of my favourite mascara’s as I wear it everyday for school because it makes them appear longer, without making a false impact. The applier is curved which I like as I think it makes it easier to put on.

If this post was helpful in anyway to you than hooray! If not, follow this blog for better things in the future!


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