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Coca cola… share a coke with..&Amazing ideas for drinks

It seems everywhere you go there will be a coke bottle, the idea of having personalised bottles must be the smartest promotional move Coca Cola have made! haha. However, no matter how much I love it, our supermarket shopping or time spent popping into a corner shop is now 10x how long it needs to be! I feel for the shop assistants, after they have carefully spent their time stacking drinks in the chiller, the efforts are wasted as people like you and me rummage through the endless rows to find our name, usually ending up with a random one. Coming out with a bottle saying ‘friends’ is like losing a battle, as we hang our heads in defeat :(.

Anyway, after that ridiculously extreme exaggeration of picking up a drink, here’s the Coke advert:

I also found it so hard to understand the concept, before I realised that you were supposed to buy the coke, or share for someone else… we are so greedy.

Amazing ideas for drinks…

I have recently become obsessed with Pinterest :/, oh dear but it’s so addictive! If you are new to Pinterest then don’t give up because at first I never really understood the concept. Anywho, back to the point, I have found so many amazing things on there including many cool ideas for drinks!

My ‘cool drinks board’- http://pinterest.com/mrmaxandbelle/cool-drinks/

My Pinterest ‘Hannah missbelleandmax’- http://pinterest.com/mrmaxandbelle/ (don’t get confused because it says mrmax… haha)


Some of my favourites!:

 Here is the ‘Peach flip’, check out this amazing blog that thought of the idea! http://cookauvin.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/peach-lemonade-coolers.html

ps I’d add Fanta or another kind of soft drink instead of vodka for a non-alcoholic drink!

‘Magic potion’: COLOURFUL! http://www.mrshappyhomemaker.com/2011/10/magic-potion/

Hope this was in some way interesting… seya!xx


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